Hi, I am “Wild Bill”.

This nick-name (installed on me in good humour) is a long story but I answer to it, and it tells the story of a man who spent and spends a large part of his life in the country.

I am a student of the outdoors and have completed training within the Order Of Bards Ovates and Druids. I have a strong connection with my Anglo Saxon roots in Sussex and also my mothers McGee Irish ancestry. Jokingly I have called myself a Saxon Druid, but this is a half truth. I use some Anglo Saxon spirituality within my journey because this is a connection for me, and I have the Irish family in my heart as well, so the name fits. This though is all balanced with a Kiwi up bringing, a free spirit, and a joy of living in wide open spaces with seas, rivers, mountains, forests in abundance and accessible to me, and our own unique heritage, mythology, natural history and history.

My way of the world is direct and spirituality connects directly with gorgeous landscape and the world around me. I offer a journey of an ancient past and landscape and my passion for the wild, come journey with me for a while…